The Martha Quinn Show

The Martha Quinn Show

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Episode 199.5-80s Trivia With Our Boss Lil Ricci

Episode 199-What Are You Watching

In this episode, Martha Quinn, Christie, and Karena share the shows/movies/documentaries that they are all watching. Let us know what you are watching! 

Episode 198-Being Late..Does Madonna Get A Pass?

In this episode of 'Talk Talk,' the ladies talk about artists who are notoriously known for starting their shows late specifically Madonna.
Madonna has responded to a lawsuit involving two fans who are suing her for being late. Should the judge toss out the case because she's Madonna and fans should already know what to expect or do these fans have a case?

Episode 197-I Can Dream About You

Do you have recurring dreams? Karena shared with the ladies that she often dreams about losing teeth or flying. This sparked today's episode of recurring dreams. Can you believe Christie never has any and you won't believe what Martha is constantly dreaming about! 

Episode-196-We Are Family & Martha's PET Scan

In this episode of 'Talk Talk,' Martha Quinn gives everyone an update on her recent PET scan for cancer. The ladies also talk about their siblings and how they were all raised! 

Episode 195-Your Opinion Matters

On this episode of 'Talk Talk,' Martha Quinn, Christie, and Karena give an update on their self-improvement methods and talk about listeners who made a difference in their lives! 

Episode 194-We Need To Self Improve On....

In this episode of 'Talk Talk,' Martha Quinn, Christie, and Karena talk about the things they can self-improve on!

Episode 193-Remember The Time

In this episode of Talk Talk, Christie got the episode idea from Michael Jackson's 'Remember The Time' song where he you remember the time when we first met? Do you remember the time when we fell in love?
Martha, Christie, and Karena talk about the first time they met one another and Martha talks about meeting her then-boyfriend Jordan (now husband) for the first time and what original MTV VJ J.J. Jackson said about Jordan!

Episode 192-Passionate Side Hustles

If Martha Quinn, Christie, and Karena didn't work in radio these are the side hustles they would have and be passionate about! What would be your side hustle?

Episode-191-Martha Quinn Chats With Billy Joel & Songwriter Freddy Wexler

Billy Joel is BACK with new music and we are so excited!
Martha Quinn chats with Billy and songwriter Freddy Wexler about Billy's new song "Turn The Lights Back On" as Christie and Karena give their thoughts on the interview and what surprised them the most!