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The Best (And Worst) Jobs Out There

These days most people are just happy to have a decent job, but we all know there are some jobs that seem more desirable to people than others. Well, CareerCast just came out with their 2018 Jobs Rated report revealing best and worst gigs out there, and you may be surprised by what made it on to the list.

Topping the list of the Best Jobs for 2018 is Genetic Counselor, with a salary of over $77,000 and a 29% growth outlook to 2026. Overall, STEM and tech-related gigs land several spots in the Top Ten, including Mathematician (2), Data Scientist (7). Information Security Analyst (8), Operations Research Analyst (9) and Actuary (10).

Top Ten Best Jobs for 2018

  1. Genetic Counselor
  2. Mathematician
  3. University Professor (tenured)
  4. Occupational Therapist
  5. Statistician
  6. Medical Services Manager
  7. Data Scientist
  8. Information Security Analyst
  9. Operations Research Analyst
  10. Actuary

On the flipside, gigs making the worst jobs list have at least two things in common. Most are seeing a decline in projected hiring outlook and they also have low pay, with only two of the worst jobs earning more than $40K a year. Topping the list as the absolute worst job is Taxi Driver, thanks in part to the growth in ride sharing services. Taxi drivers currently make about $24,880 a year, with only a 5% growth outlook to 2026.

Top Ten Worst Jobs for 2018

  1. Taxi Driver
  2. Logger
  3. Newspaper Reporter
  4. Retail Salesperson
  5. Enlisted Military (E-3, 6+ yrs. experience)
  6. Corrections Officer
  7. Disc Jockey
  8. Broadcaster
  9. Advertising Salesperson
  10. Pest Control Worker

Source: CareerCast

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