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Meat-Scented Candles Just In Time For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just a few weeks away and if panic is starting to set in about what to get that special dad in your life, you should know about the meat candle. Sure, candles aren’t the first thing you think of for a man’s gift, but what about one that smells like beef?

A1, the steak sauce made by Kraft Foods, is selling meat-scented candles this year and it’s no coincidence they’re here in time for Father’s Day. You can pick your scent, too, they’ve got “Burger,” “Backyard BBQ,” and “Original Meat,” so you really can’t go wrong for your meat-loving man. The candles sell for $14.99 and are supposed to burn for 50-70 hours, so that’s a long time of filling the air with a meaty aroma.

“Father’s Day gifts are always the same,” a press release from A1 reads. “Year after year, it’s another tie, a book, a bottle of cologne, or a mug saying world’s greatest dad. They are a truly unique gift that will celebrate Dad with an added bonus. They will evoke memories of Dad’s cooking and grilling using A.1. sauce and – they smell amazing.”

Source: Scary Mommy

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