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We Prefer Streaming Services to Subscription TV

These days it seems that more and more people are watching programing on streaming services than regular subscription TV channels, and apparently there’s good reason for that. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index 2018 Telecommunications Report, customers are much happier with what they’re getting from their streaming services.

The report finds that video streaming services earned an ACSI score of 75 out of 100, which is well above subscription TV’s ranking of 62, which is also a decrease of 3.1% over last year. Streaming services earn high marks in areas like ease of understanding the bill (80), website satisfaction (80), and call centers (75), but they still have work to do when it comes to availability of the current season's TV shows (71) and availability of new movie titles (69).

  • As for which services are favored, it Netflix, Sony PlayStation Vue, and Twitch are the highest performing with a score of (78), followed by Apple iTunes and Microsoft Store (77), YouTube Red (76) and Amazon Prime, Google Play and Hulu (74.)
  • When it comes to subscription TV, AT&T's U-verse TV is considered the best, with a score of 70, with Verizon Fios right behind the with a 68, although that’s a 4% drop from last year. As for the worst, Mediacom places last with only a 55, while Frontier and Comcast Xfinity are close to the bottom as well, with a 56 and 57, respectively. 
  • ONE MORE THING! When it comes to Internet service providers, customer satisfaction is down 3.1% to a 62, with Verizon Fios the top provider with a score of 70 and Mediacom the worst, with a 53, a 9% drop from last year.

Source: ACSI

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