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We Don’t Want To Know What’s In Our Hot Dog!

With Memorial Day weekend only days away, a lot of folks will be breaking out the grills for a holiday weekend bash, and one of the likely dishes being served up will be a hot dog. There is no doubt plenty of folks love a good dog, but it turns out, many don’t really want to know what they're actually eating. 

A new survey by natural and organic meat company Applegate, finds that 43% of Americans are scared to find out what is actually in the hot dog they are eating, while 33% avoid them altogether because they think they’re made with low quality meats and chemicals and artificial ingredients.

Of course, as Applegate will tell you, there are some hot dogs (like theirs, wink) which are made with "better ingredients." And while that's what the majority of Americans prefer, you can also get good stuff at your local butcher or farm. Overall, 56% of people say they want a hot dog made from animals that weren’t given antibiotics or hormones, and 48% want a wiener made with 100% grass-fed beef.

  • But regardless of what kind of frankfurter we’re talking about, there’s one thing most people agree on - what to put on it. The survey finds 61% of people pick mustard as their favorite hot dog topping.

Source: Dothan Eagle

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