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Most Americans Live With Financial Regrets

There’s no doubt a lot of us wish we could go back in time and handle our money differently and a new survey confirms just that. According to a poll by Bankrate, lots of Americans have some major financial regrets and the top regret has been number one for the past three years. 

Overall, 84% of people have some sort of financial regret, with only 15% saying they have absolutely no financial regrets at all. For those who do have regrets the most common is not saving enough for retirement (18%), followed by not saving enough for emergency expenses (14%). Other common financial regrets include: 

  • Taking on too much credit card debt (10%)
  • Taking on too much student loan debt (8%)
  • Not saving enough for children’s education (7%)
  • Buying more house than you could afford (2%) 
  • And it’s not like folks are doing much about it. Overall, about 49% haven’t taken steps to change up their situation, with 25% having no plans to address the issue. Meanwhile, 10% say they’ll deal with it in the next six months, 9% between six and 12 months, and 6% in about a year.

Source: Bankarate

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