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Employers Addressing Sexual Harassment Enough?

The topic of workplace sexual harassment has been all over the media since the fall, but has that translated to companies making changes for the better? Well, according to a new survey, not necessarily.

A poll by the American Psychological Association finds that since the #MeToo movement, only 32% of working Americans say their employer has made some new changes to prevent and address the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Overall, the main thing most companies have done is just remind employees of sexual harassment training and resources that have already existed in the company (18%). Meanwhile,  only 10% say their company added more training and resources in response to the #MeToo movement, and a measly 8% say their employer adopted a more stringent policy about sexual harassment.

  • But it certainly looks like companies should be doing more to address the issue, because it will result in happier employees. When a company has taken new steps regarding sexual harassment, 86% of employees say they are happier with their jobs, as opposed to 60% when no steps are taken. What’s more, 89% of employees say they are more motivated to do their best work when companies do more, while only 64% of workers in companies that don’t say the same.
  • ONE MORE THING! While companies may not be motivated to take any steps towards changing their sexual harassment policies, the recent #MeToo movement has at least motivated employees to speak up. It seems 50% of workers now say they are more likely to report workplace sexual harassment if they experience it and 51% would if they witness it. What’s more, 47% say they are more likely to confront a co-worker who is engaging in it.

Source: Science Newsline

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