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Study Finds Women Are Better Wine Tasters

Women may be known for drinking wine, but it turns out, they’re better at tasting wine and discerning the difference than men. According to a new study, men have a strong emotional reaction to the taste of the wine, but aren’t as good at women at telling them apart.

For the study, 208 participants did a blind taste test of six different kinds of wine: one rosé, two whites, and three reds. And researchers found that men tended to feel stronger emotional responses to every wine they tried, but women were better at recognizing the differences between the types of wine.

This study backs up previous research which also found that women are just better at tasting wine than men. Some suggest that’s because women have a sharper sense of smell, which could give them an edge.

Another interesting thing this study found is that certain kinds of wine are associated with bringing out certain emotions. Wines with fruity and floral blends seem to inspire positive emotions, but wines with notes of licorice, clove and vanilla were linked to negative or neutral emotions. So choose your bottle wisely to set the mood you’re going for.

Source: The Daily Meal

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