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Dogs Play Huge Role In People’s Relationships

It’s no secret that dog owners love their animals like family, and if you want to ever become part of that dog owner’s family, you better love that animal as well.

A new poll by dog walking service, Wag!, finds that how a potential mate feels about someone’s animal is a big deal. In fact, 86% of dog owners would actually break up with a significant other if they didn’t like their pooch. What’s more, 20% say they look at how their dog reacts to a possible mate to determine whether they could be a good match.

Not surprising, dogs are often very useful to folks when it comes to finding dates. The survey also finds that 30% of dog parents say they’ve used their pooch to attract potential partners, with 64% adding that they’ve been flirted with while walking their dog. And when people have used their dogs to find a S.O., they’ve been successful 84% of the time.

  • And having a dog could help you get lucky as well. Turns out, 73% of dog parents say there’s a good chance they’d “swipe right” if a person’s profile picture featured their dog, while 78% of dog people would be more likely to go home with someone who says they have a dog.

Source: New York Post

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