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Most Say Mom Is The Strongest Person They Know

Mother’s Day is just a few days away, and for most people it’s a time to celebrate the most important person in their life. Moms have to deal with a lot in their day to day lives, which is why they are likely stronger than most people and it seems that's not going unnoticed.  

A survey by Planet Fitness finds that 74% of folks say that their mom is the strongest person they know. And strength is definitely important to most mothers, with 76% saying they’d rather be strong than skinny, and 79% saying they felt stronger after they had their kids.

Being that this is a survey by Planet Fitness, some of the questions had to do with a woman's body, and apparently most people don't care whether gals get their figures back after having kids. In fact, 59% of Americans see women with “mom bods” as being comfortable in their own skin, while 36% say they are confident and 31% say they are strong.

  • Now, as for Mother's Day, if you want to know what moms really want, it seems a little “me” time is a good start. The survey finds that 73% of moms don’t make room for enough “me” time, and they are so desperate for it, many would do anything for some. For example 48% would be willing to stand in line at the DMV if it meant having more “me” time, while 39% would give up sex for a month, and 26% would be okay running into an ex. 

As for what they’d do with that time alone, moms say they would:

  • Watch TV (41%)
  • Do something special with their S.O. (37%)
  • Go shopping (35%)
  • Catch up with friends (32%)
  • Curl up with a good book (29%) 

Source: Planet Fitness

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