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Drinking Too Much Affects Your Sleep Quality

While some people may think having a glass of wine or two at night will help them get to sleep faster, they are really kidding themselves. While it may be true that you’ll pass out quickly, the quality of that sleep you’ll be getting likely won’t be all that good.

A new study finds that heavy alcohol consumption, meaning two glasses a night for women and three for men, can reduce the quality of a person’s sleep by 39.2%. And being young doesn’t necessarily help you. In fact, the study suggests the booze will likely affect a young person’s sleep more than an older person's.

And it isn’t just heavy drinking that is ruining your slumber. The study finds that moderate consumption, as in two drinks a day for men and one for women, can reduce a person’s sleep quality by 24%, and low alcohol intake reduces it by 9.3%.

Source: Daily Mail

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