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Americans Looking To Their Cars To De-Stress

These days a lot of Americans are dealing with stress on a daily basis, with many looking for ways to combat it, but you may be surprised by the ways some are going about de-stressing.

A new survey by Volvo finds that 75% of Americans are looking for ways to find calm in their stressful lives, with 94% of Americans believing serenity is important. And it turns out, a good number of people find that calmness behind the wheel, with 30% of folks saying they find serenity in their daily drive, which is more than those who find it doing yoga (14%). (The survey is by a car company after all.)

Of course, driving isn’t always a peaceful and serene activity for most people. The survey finds that 76% of Americans have a stressful commute, and many of those people would do anything to make it less stressful. Overall, 33% of people are looking for more serenity in their daily drive to work, with 24% willing to give up social media for a month for a calmer commute, and 15% willing to stretch their budget to get a more relaxing vehicle. That latter seems to make sense, considering 84% of people say they are more relaxed commuting in their own vehicles than using mass transit.

Source: Media Post

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