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A Quarter Of Workers Are Disengaged In The Office

While you may have loved your job and put everything into it when you were first hired, after a while that new job excitement tends to drift away, leaving most workers less than thrilled with coming to the office each morning. Well, according to a new survey, that seems to be happening a lot.

A poll by Accountemps finds that workers are disengaged at their jobs on average 26% of the time, which can result in lost productivity, low morale and turnover.

So, what can offices do about it? Well,  37% of people say better perks, like free food, on-site gyms, or even naps, would improve employee engagement, while 31% would like more challenging work, 31% would like to see less bureaucracy and red tape, 22% would like a lighter load, and 19% would want a better boss.

  • The survey also finds that workers in Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Chicago are the ones struggling the most to stay inspired by their jobs, while the most engaged workers live in Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City and Charlotte. What’s more, folks in Boston are more likely to say better perks will keep them more engaged, while those in Chicago want more meaningful work and those in Cleveland are most likely to be looking for less bureaucracy.

Source: Accountemps 

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