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Americans Funeral Preferences Are Changing

It’s a safe bet that most people dread going to funerals, but according to a new survey, the way we say goodbye to someone has been changing over the years, and it may actually be making the whole experience a little better. 

A new survey by the National Funeral Directors Association finds that more and more people are looking to have unique funerals. In fact, 54% of consumers say they attended a funeral at a nontraditional location last year, like say a home, outdoor setting, banquet hall or even a hotel.

Meanwhile 45.9% of people say they attended a funeral that was presided over by someone other than a member of the clergy, with 30.3% saying they would consider a trained celebrant to handle their funeral. What’s more, religion seems to be less important when it comes to funerals, with only 38.7% of people saying it’s important, down from 49.5% in 2012.

  • Overall, cremations are more popular than burials these days, with 51.1% of those who prefer to be cremated saying they’d want their remains scattered at a sentimental place, rather than being buried or interred (17.6%). And more people are also interested in green funerals, with 48% of people saying they would be interested in green memorialization, like biodegradable caskets or formaldehyde-free embalming, for environmental reasons.

Source: Market Watch

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