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This Underachiever’s Race Is Only 0.5K

When your friends post photos of themselves after running a marathon, or even a 5K, do you think you wish you could do that too? For all of us who sit on the couch and think about getting up and training for a race, we’ve finally found the one worth trying.

On May 5th in Boerne, Texas, they’re having The Inaugural Boerne 0.5K- yep, you heard that right. It’s basically a third of a mile or just a few city blocks and that makes it much more likely we could actually finish it.

But it’s not only a manageable fitness feat, the race also gives runners a free pint of beer at the starting line. Then halfway through, runners can fuel up at the coffee and donut station, and to finish it off, runners get another free pint at a local brewery. And for a $25 donation, you don’t even have to run, they’ll shuttle you to the finish line! So who’s ready to start training?

Source: PopSugar

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