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Some Like Working At Home, Most Prefer The Office

These days we’re always hearing about workers wanting the perk of being able to work from home on occasion, but do people really prefer their home over an office? Well, yes and no.

A new survey finds that while 82% of people say being able to work from anywhere helps them with their work-life balance, 62% of people actually still prefer to work in the office, and that goes up to 65% for those 18 to 24.

But while a lot of people may prefer the office, they’d still like the optionof working from home. In fact, the poll finds that 66% of people would love to be able to work form home occasionally but aren’t able to do so, and only 36% of people say their workplaces support them working from home any time and anywhere they want.

  • And executives may want to consider giving employees the option because it may translate to better productivity. The survey finds that 88% of workers believe working from home increases not only their productivity, but their creativity and job satisfaction as well. What’s more, 61% don’t believe working for home affects their ability to disconnect from the office.

Source: Market Watch

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