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Most Don’t Want To Deal With The Hassle Of Moving

While buying a new home or finding a new place to live can be exciting, it seems that a lot of people are staying put where they are simply because they don’t want to deal with moving.  A new survey finds that while 46% of people have either recently moved, or plan to move in the next year, a lot of people would like to pick up and if it weren’t such a pain.

The truth is, 67% of people say they would definitely or probably move if moving wasn’t such a hassle. What’s more, 66% of people say they feel stuck in a home they don’t like because they don’t want to deal with moving, while 49% have stayed with a bad roommate just so they don’t have to go through the process of moving. 

As for why people are actually moving, 37% say it's because they found something more affordable. Other tops reasons to move include: 

  • A job (28%)
  • Escaping an unpleasant neighbor (19%)
  • To find a better living situation for their pet (13%)

 Source: Sparefoot

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