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Experts Warn Against Showering Too Much

There are plenty of people out there who can’t start their day without a good shower, but it turns out you may want to rethink your daily scrub because it may not be healthy for you. A new report reveals that bathing every day could increase a person’s chances of getting infections.

According to Columbia University infections-disease expert, Dr. Elaine Larson, showering too much could dry out your skin, which will cause it to crack, making it susceptible to germs. Other experts add that excessive washing can strip the skin of its natural oils, which affects “good” bacteria, which helps people’s immune systems.  

While some feel that bathing actually reduces the risk of illness, Larson notes that all it really does is remove body odor. So, how often should we be showering? Mitchell says just once or twice a week is sufficient, adding that those who want to shower daily should only do so if their skin feels healthy and hydrated.

  • And one other thing. Larson says we shouldn’t lather up our whole body, and instead use soap just on smelly areas. He notes that instead, folks should concentrate on washing their hands more frequently, and keeping their clothes clean in order to reduce the risk of getting sick. 

Source: Daily Mail 

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