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Target Discounts Car Seat If You Recycle Old One

Target is bringing back their car seat recycling program. For the last three years, the retailer has celebrated Earth Day by letting us bring our outgrown or expired car seats in to Target stores to be recycled. And they offer a sweet 20% discount on a new car seat, booster seat, or travel system for your trouble.

It’s really a great deal because those car seats don’t qualify for most curbside recycling programs and since they expire after six years, you can’t always give your old one away, so most car seats end up in landfills. Since Target started this program in 2016, they’ve recycled over 176,000 car seats and kept over 2.6-million pounds of material out of landfills.

Last year, Target partnered with Terracycle to get those old car seats turned into something cool and new, and this year, it has new partnership with Waste Management, which upcycles car seats into things like grocery carts, plastic buckets, and construction materials.

Target’s car seat trade in offer runs from April 22nd to May 4th. And we’ll take any excuse to make a Target run.

Source: Scary Mommy

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