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America’s Well-Being Is Dropping

It certainly seems like we are living in a divided, and somewhat unhappy country right now, and a new report seems to back up those feelings. According to the Temkin Well-Being Index, Americans' well-being is on the decline.

According to the report, the TWBi is at a 63.4% a drop of 2.5% from last year, which is the largest year-over-year decline since the index was started in 2012. The index is based on a survey in which consumers were asked to agree with three statements, “I am typically happy,” “I am healthy,” and “I am financially secure.”

All three areas of well-being actually went down this year, with happiness at 75.6%, a decline of 2.1%, health at 66.7%, a decline of 2.9% and financial security at 48%, which is a decrease of 2.5%. 

Source: Market Watch 

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