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Kitchen Items You Should Toss Today

We all hold onto stuff we don’t need any more but we can’t get rid of it because we never know if we’ll need it. But spring is here, so it’s a perfect time to tackle some of that useless clutter around the house and get rid of what we don’t need. Start in the kitchen by throwing away these:

  • Warped plastic containers - Go through your stash of containers and pitch the ones that are broken, warped, or don’t have a matching lid. You can’t use them, so get rid of them.
  • Expired spices - If you didn’t have any idea that your spices could expire, you probably need to go through yours and get rid of the old ones because they’re not adding much flavor once they’re past their prime.
  • Rusty pans - Cooking in a rusty pan isn’t a good idea, so if yours are, time to splurge on new pans.
  • Old coffee beans - They only last about six months, after that, they need to be tossed.
  • Expired canned food - It doesn’t last forever, so check the dates and get rid of the old cans.
  • Frostbitten foods - If your frozen foods are covered in frostbite, they’re probably really old and need to go. gov advises tossing anything that’s been in the freezer longer than a year, but cooked meat only lasts six months and frozen raw ground meat is only good for four.
  • Blackened wooden spoons - That black stuff could be mold or a burn mark from getting scorched on the stove, so why take a chance?
  • A scratched up cutting board - Toss both plastic and wooden cutting boards with a lot of cuts and scratches because they’re hard to clean and you don’t want that gunk touching your food.
  • Scratched nonstick pans - If it’s got a deep scratch, it’s no longer considered nonstick and should be replaced.

Source: Hello Giggles

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