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Parents - What It Was Like Teaching Kids To Drive

While many parents dread the day their kids will be old enough to get behind the wheel of a car, mostly because now they have to worry about them on the road, there’s an even bigger fear that some parents have to endure – actually teaching their kids how to drive. 

A new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has parents’ honest confessions about having to teach their kids to drive, and we bet most people can relate. 

Confessions from parents who survived teaching their kids to drive include:

  • “I’m teaching my daughter to drive. I say ‘ok press the gas’ and the car doesn’t move. She looks at me like ‘why won’t it move?’ so I look at her foot, it’s on the break!!”
  • “My daughter is 16 and learning to drive. It’s her first day and she has already almost killed us dodging a chipmunk.”
  • “Teaching my daughter how to drive is terrifying. Pray for me.”
  • “I’m teaching my daughter how to drive and I think 5 mph is a perfectly acceptable speed right now.”
  • “I’m teaching my kids how to drive. Literally just got into the car with a helmet and knee pads on.”
  • “I’m teaching my son to drive and I would love for him to go at LEAST 5 mph.”
  • “I’m teaching my son to drive a stick. When he complains that it’s too hard, I ask ‘what if a stick shift is your only getaway in a zombie apocalypse.'”
  • “I’m currently teaching my son to drive and we actually get along when we’re in the car together. This is the closest I’ve felt to him in years.”
  • “I turned into my mother while teaching my son to drive. It was horrifying.”
  • “The first time I taught my son to drive, I gave him a bunch of energy drinks, blasted rap music, and took him out during a thunderstorm. He’s now the safest driver I know.”

Source: Whisper

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