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Research Proves Doing Dishes Really Is The Worst

In the world of household chores, some are definitely better than others. And one of the most hated tasks around is dealing with that sink of dirty dishes. We all dread the task of scraping dried oatmeal out of the bowl and now new research confirms what we already knew: doing dishes stresses moms out more than any other chore.

A new report from the Council of Contemporary Families looks into how modern couples divide up household chores and how that division of labor affects our relationships long-term. Dan Carlson, assistant professor of family, health and policy at the University of Utah and his team gathered info on couples’ laundry, grocery shopping and house cleaning habits and found that women who wash the majority of dishes at home reported less satisfaction in their relationships, more conflict, and worse sex lives than those who split dish duty with their partners.

So why does doing dishes piss us off more than picking up dirty clothes off of the bathroom floor? "Doing dishes is gross," Carlson explains "There is old, moldy food sitting in the sink. If you have kids, there is curdled milk in sippy cups that smells disgusting."

Been there, washed that, buddy. So basically, guys should remember: “If you wanna be my lover, you better go wash some plates.”

Source: The Stir

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