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Family Finds Pet Cat Two Days After They Buried It

A family from England is shocked after their pet cat they thought they’d buried turned up alive. The Robinsons believed their cat died after it went missing during a recent storm. The family searched for their missing Willow for ten days before finding the remains of what they believed was their kitty.

The cat they found had similar markings to Willow, but was run over so the vet couldn’t do a proper scan. Caterina Robinson says her children Josh and Buddy were so devastated they had to take a day from school. As you might've guessed, the Robinsons held an emotional burial for their beloved puss. So imagine their shock when when the real Willow showed up two days later.

As it turns out, Willow is alive, but the Robinsons have buried and mourned over someone else’s cat. “It’s amazing but we obviously have someone else’s cat buried in our garden,” says Caterina. “We can at least say that they had a nice burial.”

Source: New York Post

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