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Eat These To Stay Awake After A Bad Night’s Sleep

Whether it was having one too many at the bar last night or a car alarm on the street that kept you up all night, we’ve all had to face a day at work after a night of the worst sleep. It feels impossible when you’re exhausted, but filling your body with the right foods can help kick your energy up a notch and help you make it until quitting time. Eat these energy-boosting foods to help keep you awake.

  • Add some salmon to your salad for a protein-packed boost - Your body can easily convert all those omega 3 fatty acids into energy.
  • Aged cheese will wake up your brain - There’s an amino acid in aged and fermented food called tyramine, which helps stimulate the brain and makes you feel more awake.
  • Dark chocolate helps you focus - But it has to be really dark, the darker the better because the higher cacao concentration will increase energy levels, ease feelings of stress, and boost your ability to focus.
  • Chia seeds help you stay hydrated - You feel more awake when you’re more hydrated, and chia seeds can hold up to 12 times their weight in water, helping you hold onto the water you’ve been drinking all day. And they’re full of protein and fiber, so you get the pick-me-up without the crash later.
  • Bananas might work better than an energy drink - One study found that bananas give you a better boost in overall performance and energy levels than an actual energy drink does.
  • Almonds help you maintain energy levels - These nuts are easy to keep in a bag or desk drawer and according to Harvard Health, almonds are packed with healthy, monounsaturated fats, which will help you keep your energy levels up at a steady pace.
  • Kale contains vitamins to help you stay awake - Kale and other leafy greens like watercress are high in vitamins C and K, along with beta-carotene and calcium, and all of those help keep energy levels up.
  • Edamame can snap you out of your afternoon slump - These tasty beans make a great energy-boosting snack because edamame is packed with fiberfolate, and it’s an unprocessed form of soy, all of which makes it an energy-boosting treat.

Source: Elite Daily

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