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Be Happy At Work, Even If You Don’t Like Your Job

From demanding bosses to clients who can’t be pleased, there are all kinds of challenges that make work difficult at times. But it’s really up to us to not let it get to us. Things may annoy us, but how we think, feel, and act affects our happiness. And if you’re not happy at work, here are a few things you can do about it.

  • Manage your energy - Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, water, and food, because when you’re energy is zapped, it’s easier to feel drained, which can eat at your happiness over time.
  • Choose to connect - You don’t have to force your coworkers to be best friends with you or start making plans with them outside work, but taking time to get to know the people you spend all day with can boost your sense of belonging and happiness.
  • Choose your attitude - You can decide what to invest your energy in, so recognize when you’re focusing only on what’s wrong instead of everything you could be grateful for. And just like most things in life, no job is perfect.
  • Choose to speak up - If something at work is bothering you, talk about your concerns with the people who can do something about it. It might feel intimidating, but it’s tough to influence your circumstances without speaking up about how you feel.
  • But if it’s getting impossible…be honest with yourself about how much you enjoy your job and if you think you could be happy there. If it’s not working for you and you don’t think it will, it’s time to take action and make changes if you want to be happy at work.

Source: MamaMia

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