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American Families Lack Quality Time Together

These days kids and parents are so overscheduled they rarely spend that much quality time with each other, but it’s actually way worse than you probably thought.

A new survey finds that the average American family spends just 37 minutes of quality time together each day, although that number goes up to two hours and 40 minutes on the weekend. As for why they’re spending such limited time together, 67% blame long hours at work, while weekend chores and kids’ crazy school schedules are also factors.

With these numbers it’s not really shocking to find that 60% of parents describe their lives as “hectic,” while 25% say lack of quality family time is a real problem.

  • And it’s not just family time that’s an issue, with parents also not getting enough time alone with each other. The survey finds that 54% of parents say they get at most only 12 date nights per year, while 31% get less than one a month. And when they do have time together it’s rarely romantic, with 65% saying their dates usually involve running errands or doing chores together.

Source: New York Post

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