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Easy Ways To Relax Without Wine

Sometimes at the end of a long, stressful day, we like to unwind with a glass of wine or three. And as blissful as that can be, alcohol isn’t the only way to take the edge off. It turns out, it can actually make things worse because it can disrupt sleep and increase anxiety later on, which can lead to a nasty hangover. So when you want a healthier way to relax, try one of these nutritionist-approved ideas.

  • Use your weekends to relax and rest your body - Instead of meeting for drinks, go to a yoga class or for a long walk with your bestie.
  • Set your social media boundaries - Believe it or not, social media can increase stress, so find some rules that work for you and stick to them. Cutting yourself off an hour before bedtime can dramatically improve sleep and that beats more time on Insta any day.
  • Indulge in a self-care day - Give yourself a day, or even part of a day, to sleep in, cook delicious, nutritious food, and push aside emails and social media while you do something fun for yourself.
  • Choose early nights when you can - You’re less likely to think about needing a drink when you’re at home doing your own Zen thing with a good book or movie.
  • Create a peaceful night-time routine - Light a candle, do some stretching, have a bath, read, and watch your favorite show.
  • Cut back on caffeine - As much as we love our coffee, it can increase stress and anxiety. So if you’ve been overdoing it with the buzzy brew, try to cut back to one cup a day and drink it before 10am.
  • Taking Magnesium powder at night - It’s good for the nervous system, which can help lower stress and even help you sleep better.
  • Trade in your intense sweat sesh for yoga, Pilates, or a walk in nature - All exercise is good for you, but these are stress-relievers, too.

Source: Women's Health

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