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More Women Taking Charge Of Household Finances

New research shows more women are calling the shots with their household finances these days. A new study by YouGov US surveyed 14,000 people on three continents and found that more women are joining the workforce across the globe, but they’re still in charge of things in the home.

Of the 7,225 women surveyed, 52% of them who are in a relationship and providing half or more of the household income are responsible for managing the money. More than one in five women who live with a partner (22%) say they either earn more than their partner or contribute the full amount to their household’s total income and 17% of women say they contribute just as much as their partners do

The survey finds 32% of women who live with their partners report being in charge of major purchases and 38% of women in a relationship also say they’re most responsible for the long-term financial planning. And having the women hold the checkbook might be a wise financial decision, since research from Bank of Montreal reveals that men are naturally more likely to get into debt.

Source: Moneyish

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