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Happier Relationships Make Healthier Spouses

Being in a satisfying long-term relationship is good for you in all kinds of ways and now research shows that it’s great for your health, too. According to a new study, the happier your relationship is, the less likely you are to gain weight as you age.

Researchers asked close to 2,650 people who are married or in long-term “marriage-like” relationships to rate their level of marital support and strain, along with the overall quality of their partnership. Then the study followed the weight of the participants over nine years.

It turns out, the people who said they had the highest levels of partnership quality and support gained less weight, compared to the folks who were less satisfied with their relationship. And the happier people reported being, the less weight they gained.

Study co-author Ying Chen explains, “Our study adds to the growing evidence that positive social relationships may be related to a number of better health and well-being outcomes.” Just another reason love is grand.

Source: Women’s Health Magazine

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