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More Women Are Ditching Heels For Sneakers

We love a fancy pair of heels as much as the next girl, but we all know that walking in those things for long feels like torture. That’s why we’re delighted with news that confirms women are starting to choose footwear for comfort. According to a recent study, stiletto sales are down 12% and sneaker sales have increased 37% this past year.

So it seems women are putting their need for comfort ahead of the aesthetics of a cute five-inch heel and we’re here for it. We like to rock amazing shoes, too, but style doesn’t have to equal pain.

“Comfort is trending. That is like the number one thing. Women want to be comfortable,” explains Travis Hutchinson, a manager at Lord & Taylor. “You’re seeing women wearing sneakers with their suits, as well. Pencil skirts, dresses… It’s a huge trend.”

This trend doesn’t mean heels are over, but maybe we save them for special occasions and don’t feel pressured to wear them everywhere, especially if it involves a lot of walking or standing. And with all the cute sneakers on the market, it’s easy to be in style and comfy at the same time.

Source: Scary Mommy

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