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A Lot Of People Are Losing Sleep Because Of Work

We all know that getting a good night’s sleep is important for our health, but plenty of people aren’t getting the required amount of shuteye each night. Turns out, for a lot of people, life at the office is affecting their bedtime.

A new survey by AccounTemps finds that 44% of professionals are losing sleep over work. As for why, 50% say they’ve been overwhelmed with work volume/hours, while 48% can’t get their business problems out of their head. Other reasons for work-related sleep loss include:

  • Strained co-worker relationships (20%)
  • Worried I may lose my job (18%)
  • My boss is a nightmare (16%)

And work seems to be getting to some professionals more than others. Overall, workers in Miami lose the most sleep because of work (65%), followed by those in Nashville (59%) and New York (55%), while workers in Minneapolis are the most likely to not miss out on sleep because of the job (24%).

Source: AccounTemps

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