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"The Bachelor" Recap

In a season finale that has seen tons of twists and turns, “The Bachelor” is finally over and last night’s finale went off with a bang. Becca Kufrinwas brought back out on stage to chat with Arie Lyendyk Jr. about what went wrong. Arie also had one huge surprise for Lauren and the next “Bachelorette” was crowned. Here’s what you missed.

  • Becca was brought back on the live finale to talk about everything that transpired with her breakup. Arie was later brought out on stage so they can talk one-on-one in front of everyone about what happened. Arie obviously said it has nothing to do with Becca and apologized for making the mistake in the first place.
  • Chris Harrison welcomed out some of the other women that were on this season of “The Bachelor” including Bekah M. and Krystal. They all stood up for Becca K. and admired her strength through the break up. The ladies made sure to mention that Lauren should not receive any hate for all that's happened. They all even suggested how much Becca deserves a good guy and that there would be tons of men willing to be with her… hint hint.
  • Arie and Lauren were welcomed onstage to discuss how their relationship is going. Arie admitted to having made the right decision and Lauren feels pretty good about everything too. That’s when the first bomb was dropped on the show. Arie brought Lauren in front of the crowd, who’s been pretty spilt on their feelings towards him since Monday night. He then got down on one knee and proposed. She said yes. Congrats to the couple.
  • After all the hoopla, it was finally revealed that Becca would be the next “Bachelorette.” All the ladies agreed that she’s the perfect candidate and deserves it. The show wasted no time and brought out some of the contestants that would be on her season. One of the guys came out playing a banjo, while another brought her a horse. He says, “As the saying goes ‘When you fall off the horse you’ve got to get back up again.’” “The Bachelorette” returns May 28th.
  • ONE MORE THING! Minnesota congressman Drew Christensenhappens to be a fan of the show and Becca just so happens to be from Minnesota. Well, Christensen was following along with what happened to Becca and tweeted out that he’ll ban Arie from Minnesota for some retweets. “If this gets a thousand retweets I’ll author a bill banning Arie from Minnesota,” Christensen tweeted. It’s since garnered 11-thousand retweets and he’s even planning to invite Becca to the State of the State Address. His tweet was met with both support and backlash for how the congressman is spending his time and money.

Source: Dr. Dave’s Ultimate Prep

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