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A Little Gossip Can Be Healthy?

No matter how close you are to your BFFs, at some point they have probably done something to bug you so much you vented to another bestie who understands. Talking trash on our closest pals isn’t something we feel good about, but it’s a necessary evil sometimes and everyone does it. According to psychologist Dr. Goal Saedi, gossiping like that can actually be good for you.

  • It helps you let off steam - Dr. Saedi explains that talking freely to a highly trusted friend is stress relieving and therapeutic. But she warns that the key is trusted. And she says to keep it constructive, so you’re actually trying to come up with a solution instead of just bashing your other friend.
  • It can help you see bigger red flags in your friendship - If you’re having a weird vibe about a friend, talking it through with another squad member could help you see things more clearly. “Prosocial gossip is the kind that helps convey information and helps us grow, be safe, and know about what’s going on in our environment,” Dr. Saedi says.
  • It could help your frustrating friend be a better person - A 2014 study found that people who were gossiped about ended up fixing their selfish or negative behavior so they could feel accepted by the group again. So if your friend has been oblivious to the fact she upsets you when she flakes on plans all the time and you constructively let her know, she may change her ways thanks to you gently calling her out.
  • It teaches you what not to do - Knowing what irritates us about other people can help us not do the same thing. And that makes us all better people.

Source: Cosmopolitan UK

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