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Americans Fear Getting Letters From The IRS

While folks still have several weeks until they absolutely have to file their taxes, it seems a lot of people are already stressing out about it. 

According to a new survey, a big fear of a lot of Americans is getting a letter from the IRS, with 47% of folks saying they feel anxious when they get any sort of correspondence from them. One of the main reasons for that is that 46% of people don’t know the difference between a notice from the IRS and an actual audit

Overall, 29% of people worry they will be audited, even though 65% of people are confident they didn’t make any mistakes on their returns. In general audits are absolutely scary, with 32% of people not at all confident they would know what to do if they were audited.

  • The poll also finds that about 11% of those polled have been audited by the IRS in the past, while only 6% of taxpayers have gotten some sort of correspondence about their returns.

Source: Fox 19

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