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Tooth Fairy Tightening Its Belt

Kids who lose their teeth aren’t raking in the dough the way they used to. According The Original Tooth Fairy Poll conducted by Delta Dental, the Tooth Fairy has been tightening its belt, with kids getting an average of $4.13 per tooth in 2017, which is down from a record high last year of $4.66, or a drop of about 11%

Even with the decrease, the Tooth Fairy handed out $271-million for lost teeth last year. And kids who lost their first tooth are doing even better than the norm, with parents paying out about $5.70 for that first loss, which is just a two-cent drop from last year.

Overall, 84% of homes with children get a visit from the Tooth Fairy, with 95% of kids getting money for their teeth. Not every kid gets their treat right away though, with 55% of parents admitting the Tooth Fairy sometimes forgets to visit. And not every Tooth Fairy leaves behind money. Believe it or not, 47% of kids get a small toy or game, while 35% get a letter from the Tooth Fairy, and 31% get a toothbrush, but these could be in addition to money as well.

  • Of course a child’s gift does vary depending on location. It seems the Tooth Fairy is most generous in the West, paying an average of $4.85 for a tooth and $6.76 for the first tooth, followed by the Northeast, with an average of $4.35 per tooth, $6.45 for the first tooth. 

Source: Yahoo Finance

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