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Biggest Things Guests Notice In Your Home

We can all do a decent job of tidying up before we have friends over for dinner, but how does your home look from -day-to-day? If an unexpected ring of the doorbell sends you into a panic because you don’t know if you should hide the piles of dirty laundry or stack all the dirty dishes into the oven to hide them, you’re definitely not alone.

But what do people actually notice most when they come to your house? Here’s what guests definitely see in your space, according to “My Domaine” readers.

  • Cohesiveness and flow - How your furniture is placed makes more of an impression than you might expect. A lot of people admit to mentally rearranging other peoples’ furniture while at their place.
  • Cleanliness and clutter - It’s really no surprise that the real-life mess all over a place makes an impression on guests. So if you only have a few minutes to clean up, stash all the papers and miscellaneous clutter in drawers and closets, or anywhere out of site.
  • Art and books - People are scanning your walls and shelves to size up what kind of culture you’re into, just like you do when you go to someone’s house.
  • Scents and smells - Good or bad, the way your home smells makes a strong impression on guests. So if your place stinks like you haven’t taken out the trash in weeks, remove the smelly garbage and burn a scented candle or cook something in the oven to provide an inviting scent when someone comes over.

Source: MyDomaine

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