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The Most Desired Office Perk Is…

These days a lot of companies offer a variety of perks to attract new employees, and while daily happy hour and weekly massages may sound great, they aren’t necessarily what workers are really looking for.

According to a new survey, the job perk most employees are actually looking for is flexible hours, with more than 40% of full time employees saying it is the most important perk they get, and 54% saying it’s the perk that’s key to their job satisfaction. 

Luckily, flexible hours seem to be the most common perk offered, with 32% of employees saying their company gives them the option. Other common perks include: 

  • Professional development (28%)
  • Fitness/health perks (19%)
  • Food/snacks (19%)
  • Working from home (14%)

And while you may think perks aren’t necessary at your job, they are actually pretty important to keep employees happy. In fact, 53% of employees say company perks contribute to them having a better quality of life, while 49% say it makes them feel valued by their employer.

Source: Market Watch

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