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Why You’re Not Getting Promoted

Being passed over for a promotion at work can be a discouraging setback and it might leave you wondering why you didn’t get chosen. But you don’t have to overanalyze what you could’ve done differently, writer and entrepreneur Daniel Wesley explains these are the most common reasons managers don’t promote employees, or regret doing it afterwards.

"In the many years since I started my first company, I've had my fair share of experience promoting people," Wesley explains. "Some of the people I've promoted from within have made me infinitely proud, but others have filled me with regret. The difference between them? Some wanted a fancier title; some actually wanted to succeed long-term."

These are the four reasons he says your promotion didn’t pan out:

  • You refuse to accommodate your team - Growing a business or leading a team requires sacrificing personal time and energy, Wesley says, adding, “Selfishness is a huge red flag.”
  • You act like a buddy instead of a leader - A good leader will encourage open, honest communication, but knows how to keep it office-appropriate.
  • You don't believe in the company itself - Even if you’re the top rock-star employee in the company, if you don’t think it has a future, nothing they pay you can change that.
  • You can't maintain focus - Being a great leader means handling last-minute developments and communicating with clarity, it’s not good for the company if you can’t stay focused while doing that.

Source: MyDomaine

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