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Unconventional Valentine’s Date Ideas

Time is running out for creating the most romantic Valentine’s Day ever. But if you haven’t made plans yet because you despise all the cheesiness related to the holiday, you just need to get a little creative. A new Groupon study finds that a quarter of couples say their Valentine’s Day celebrations have gotten a little boring and 53% feel they celebrate the same way every year. So if you’re looking for something different to show your love this year, here are a few fresh ways to spice up Valentine’s Day.

  • Enjoy a breakfast date - Why wait until dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you can wake up a little early and whip up some breakfast in bed or grab a quick bite at your neighborhood spot before heading to work? And starting the day right sets you up for a great day.
  • Squeeze in some exercise - The freezing weather outside makes it easy to slack on those fitness resolutions we made, so sneak in a workout with your Valentine and it won’t be work at all. Go ice skating, head out for a hike, or even just an after-dinner stroll, anything that gets the blood flowing is good for heating things up romantically, too.
  • Go somewhere new - Have a picnic in a park you’ve never been to, check out a new music venue, find a new coffee shop to grab a cup, or sneak away for the weekend if you’re lucky enough to escape together.
  • Host a paint and wine evening - Spice up an evening in by having your own wine and painting evening. Treat yourself to some new paints, a bottle or two of vino, some tasty cheese and you’re set for a fun night that’s cheaper than a night on the town.
  • Recreate your first date - There’s nothing as sweet as remembering where your love story all started and even if you can’t recreate it exactly, your Valentine will love this romantic gesture.

Source: NY Post

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