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Most People Bored By Valentine’s Day

While a lot of people are probably excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day this week, there are plenty of people who absolutely don’t care at all. In case you missed it, a new Groupon survey finds that 25% of couples actually think Valentine’s Day is pretty boring.

So, why is the holiday boring? Well, 53% of folks say they do the same thing every year, with the same amount being able to predict the gift their partner will get for them. What’s more, 26% of respondents say Valentine’s Day traditions are pretty dull.

But regardless, 80% of couples still plan to celebrate on Valentine’s Day, with the same amount saying the perfect Valentine’s Day will see them sharing an experience with their partner after dinner. Experience is pretty key to a lot of people, with 80% of those surveyed saying they want an experience for Valentine’s Day, so they can share it with their partner. As for the top experiences they’d like to try, they include: 

  • Attending a concert
  • Getting locked in an escape room
  • Touring a cultural attraction
  • Taking a cooking class
  • Of course one experience that’s expected is a little nookie. The survey finds 70% of participants expected to get lucky with a partner on Valentine’s Day.

Source: New York Post

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