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Get Ready For A Ton Of New Emojis

If you are someone who loves to send messages with emojis, there’s some exciting news that may spice up your text messages. A ton of new emojis will be coming to your phone soon.

Unicode Consortium announced that 157 new emojis will be coming to phones in the second half of 2018, and that should add some fun to your phone time. New additions include a whole host of new faces, like a hot sauce face, a woozy face, a partying face and a face smiling with hearts. There’s also several new hairstyles for both men and women, including red-hair, curly-hair, white-hair and bald.

There’s also plenty of new food choices, like  a bagel or a cupcake, as well as animals, like a kangaroo, a peacock and a lobster, and one addition that’s bound to make most women happy, a female superhero. 

So, when can folks expect these new additions? Well, the Consortium expects they’ll start showing up in August or September, especially since the fall is traditionally the time Apple and Google introduce new versions of iOS. 

Source: USA Today

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