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The Truth About Valentine’s Day For Women

While some people don’t get the hype surrounding Valentine’s Day, the romantic holiday is still pretty important to some folks, especially women.

 A new poll by Summer’s Eve finds that 61% of women plan to spend the holiday with a date or significant other while 30% will spend it alone and 9% will be with a friend.  But just because Valentine’s Day is important that doesn’t necessarily mean women need to be taken out to have a good time. In fact, 58% of women say they’d rather chill at home on Valentine’s Day then deal with crowds.

Now, if they are planning a night out for Valentine’s Day, women will be going all out to make sure they are ready for the evening. Overall, 47% of women say they’ll spend at least an hour getting ready for their date, and that includes a whole host of beauty prep. Top ways women get ready for a date include:

  • Shaving or waxing (63%)
  • Picking the perfect scent (50%)
  • Selecting special lingerie (43%)
  • Using feminine hygiene products (36%)
  • Buying a new outfit (35%) 

And all that prep will most likely lead couples to the bedroom, where they could be in for a surprise. The survey finds that 58% of women believe Valentine’s day is the best time to try new things in the bedroom, with that number going up to 67% for moms.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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