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The States Spending The Most For Valentine’s Day

There’s still a whole week to get your loved one a Valentine’s Day gift, but apparently for most people that doesn't mean they'll be spending a ton of money.  

According to a new poll by OppLoans, the average American will shell out $33.64 on Valentine’s Day-related gifts and gestures, but that amount is likely to be different depending on where a person lives, as well as their age and gender.

The survey finds that on average, men spend more than women on Valentine’s day ($41.38 vs. $25.85), while younger folks ages 18 to 24 spend the least for their partner, $20,94, while those between 55 and 65 spend the most $39.51.

Overall, residents in New Mexico are the biggest spenders, shelling out $168.24 on Valentine’s, with men in the state really trying to impress their partners, spending, $267, while women shell out only about $28.33. Meanwhile, both men and women in Alaska and North Dakota are the cheapest, spending absolutely nothing. And while that sounds bad the survey finds that 44% of all those polled plan to spend zilch on Valentine’s Day.

The Top Ten States Spending The Most On Valentine’s Day

  1. New Mexico ($168.24)
  2. Connecticut ($69.00)
  3. Missouri ($64.69)
  4. Texas ($61.65)
  5. Louisiana ($48.85)
  6. Idaho ($46.83)
  7. Hawaii ($46.00)
  8. Alabama ($42.98)
  9. Tennessee ($42.18)
  10. Kansas ($42.04)

Source: OppLoans

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