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Personality IS More Important Than Looks To Most

While a lot of us are overly concerned about how we look, especially when it comes to finding a mate, it turns out looks really aren’t everything. In fact, a new Planet Fitness Valentine’s Day poll finds that 92% of people say they prefer a partner with a good personality to one with a great body.

Overall, 81% of people say they are looking for a partner with a good personality, while 76% want one with a sense of humor, with a positive attitude (73%), and open-mindedness (62%) also important characteristics for a mate.

When it comes to qualities people find most important in a significant other, they include:

  • How supportive they are (80%)
  • How happy they are (77%)
  • That they love unconditionally (75%)
  • Whether they encourage their partner to be their best self (70%)

As for where folks would like to meet people, 57% would like to meet someone at a coffee shop, while 48% would like to meet them at a party (48%), with work (42%) and the gym (30%) also preferred options. And while these days a lot of people meet online, apparently that’s not really the most preferred way of meeting people, with only 25% of people saying they’d rather meet someone through a dating app. 

Source: Yahoo Finance

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