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Drop Five Pounds A Year At Work Just By Standing

According to a new study from the Mayo Clinic, we could all get more fit just by standing up while we work. Researchers found that standing burns 0.15 more calories a minute than sitting. So over six hours, that adds up to 54-calories burned for a 143-pound adult. And a year of standing for six hours a day at the office adds up to 5.5-pounds lost.

Stats show most of us spend an average of 12-hours sitting over the course of a day and it’s not just bad for our waistlines. Excessive sitting has been linked to decreased productivity, increased risk of disease and even premature death! So we should all be getting out of our seats and staying on our feet more.

And standing at our desks isn’t the only thing we can do to burn calories at the office. Try these easy ways to help you stay healthy and burn calories at work:

  • Walk to someone’s office to talk instead of sending an email
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Use resistance bands to get a mini-workout at your desk
  • Measure your steps with a fitness tracker and challenge coworkers to a “steps challenge”
  • Practice deep breathing since stress can make you pack on pounds.

Source: Moneyish

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