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Holidays Rank By How Bad It is To Dump Someone On

There’s never a good time to tell someone your relationship is over, but there are definitely some times that are worse than others. You probably shouldn’t break up with someone on their college graduation day or their sister’s wedding day, for example. And other days that you may want to avoid telling your S.O. you’re over it? Holidays. But some are more devastating than others, so here’s a ranking of the least to most horrible holidays to dump someone on.

8. St. Patrick’s Day - This holiday is all about the drink specials, so everyone will be too wasted to remember the breakup. And what better way to drown your sorrows than knocking a few cold ones back with a bar full of party-goers?7. The Fourth of July - Ending a summer fling on this day doesn’t seem so bad. No one’s got a huge personal attachment to the holiday and breaking it off then means you’ll still have half the summer to meet another cutie.6. Thanksgiving - Now you’re in the danger zone that exists between November and February. This is cuffing season, so it’s bold to end it now, especially if you’ve already made travel plans to spend the holiday with each other’s families.5. Christmas/Hanukkah - Dumping someone too close to these holidays makes it extra messy because gifts have been purchased, plans for them to be your plus one at the office holiday party have been made, and ending your romance at the holidays is just cruel and unusual punishment.4. New Year’s Eve - This is not the night to break up with someone, people! It’s supposed to be exciting and glamorous, not the beginning of a sad, lonely new year of being single.3. Valentine’s Day - Even if you’re not a fan of the Hallmark holiday, you should still respect that it’s the holiday for love. So if you’re not coming over to your sweetie’s house with flowers and chocolates, but with plans to break it off, be considerate and hold off a day.2. Your anniversary - Who would be this heartless? We can only assume someone who forgot it was their anniversary, which is a terrible offense in and of itself.1. Their birthday - Someone who would dump their partner on their birthday is nothing but mean. Seriously, even if you know it’s over, can’t you just hang on for 24 more hours? Being dumped is bad enough, but having it happen on your birthday is the lowest of the low.

Source: Elite Daily

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