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New App Pays You To Work Out

Considering a lot of people dread working out, getting motivated to go to the gym can be tough. But what if someone paid you to do it, do you think you’d go more? Well, that’s the idea behind a new app that seems to be gaining in popularity.

Sweatcoin is a new app that hopes to get people sticking to their New Year’s resolutions by paying them. The app connects to a phone’s fitness and location data, and when it computes that a user has gotten in 1,000 steps, they earn 95 cents in sweatcoins. Although the app considers that earned money as “digital currency,” it’s not like you’re going to be getting a check in the mail. Instead, they are more like reward points, with users being able to cash them in for workout gear or classes, or they can even donate them to charities.

And it seems that a lot of folks are down with this new form of motivation. So far more than five million users are using the app, and it ranks as the third most popular free app, and the most popular health and fitness app, in Apple’s App Store.

Source: Money

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