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Get Your Kids To Help You Beat Clutter

Now that the holidays are over and your kids got everything on their list and then some, where are you supposed to put all their new toys and gear? You thought their rooms were maxed out on storage before, but now it’s reached the point of no return and something has to be done.

Sure, you could just go in and start tossing old stuff to make room for the new, or you could use this clever way to get the kids to pitch in, just like mama and homemaker extraordinaire Joanna Gaines. At a recent event the HGTV star and mom of four - soon to be five - shared her tactic for fun, family-style cleanup: They make a game out of it.

At the beginning of each new year, Drake, Duke, Emmie Kay and Ella Rose each get three trash bags, then mama Jo sets a timer for 20 minutes. In that time the kids have to gather toys, clothes, books, and other random kid junk they don’t need anymore and fill the bags with it. Then it all gets donated and there’s more room for everything they keep.

Gaines says the extreme editing is essential to help “see the space and reevaluate hot to make it functional for your family.” Plus, letting the kids decide what stays and goes gives them ownership over their space. And hopefully it teaches them that less really is more.

Source: PureWow

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