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Fewer People Plan To Shop On Black Friday

According to a new report, Black Friday isn’t what it used to be for holiday shoppers. Fewer people say they plan to head to stores the day after Thanksgiving this year, just 35% intend to get most of their shopping done on Black Friday, down from 59% in 2015, finds research from PwC.

Retailers once used “doorbuster” deals to draw people out to shop on Black Friday and they were so good, folks would line up in front of stores overnight to secure a spot. But now those deals are rolling out earlier so retailers can get customers to spend money sooner.

Some folks are also waiting longer in the season to get their shopping done. Since 2014, “Super Saturday” – the Saturday before Christmas has beaten Black Friday – which was once the busiest shopping day of the year - in sales.

Of course, some shoppers have made holiday shopping on Black Friday a tradition and they don’t plan to stop this year. But that’s less about getting the deepest discounts and more about enjoying the custom.

And since 63% of those surveyed say price is what motivates them to buy, they’ll shop when they get the best deals. For some, that means hitting stores on Thanksgiving. According to this report, 58% say they plan to shop on Turkey Day, compared to 40% who planned to last year.

Source: USA Today

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